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Welcome Back!!

Our official opening for season 2024 was March 10th and we want to thank everyone for a warm “welcome back” and your good wishes for another season. Weather still cold and unpredictable, but that is March and we are ok with that,technically still winter. This year we have opened our doors a little earlier than usual, lots to do around here and we are excited for spring to come soon! The yard will begin to fill up, as plants wake up from their winter “slumber”, annuals will fill the tables as soon as it is safe to plant out. I know we all feel impatient waiting for some color in our yards, but remember, most annuals are tender and easily damaged by a dip in temperature.

The Garden Market in Barnegat
The Garden Market BarnegatGarden Center

398 N Main St, Barnegat, NJ 08005

(609) 660-1100


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The Garden Market