The Garden Market In Barnegat, NJ

Here we are for another season, spring 2021. The last 12 months have been challenging, sometimes difficult, but we have persevered, our industry has persevered. Right now feeling grateful for family, friends, neighbors, our health, and of course for all the customers that supported our small business in 2020 and that continue to show their support. Wish we could say that Covid-19 is behind us, but the reality is we have a way to go before we can relax a bit, and resume life the way we use to know it. Here at The Garden Market, we will continue to follow all sanitary and social distancing measures, we want to maximize the comfort and safety of everyone.

The Garden Market Barnegat
The Garden Market Barnegat

Backyard Paradise

All Annual Flats 18.99

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Pint Size Groundcovers

3.99, 3 or more 3.49

The New Garden Market

We are located on historic downtown Barnegat opened for business on March 2018 with new owners Frank and Claudia Ernest. It’s a beautiful property facing main street and the back bordering the Barnegat watershed and its protected land. In recent history, it has been known as a small retail garden owned by different owners until purchased by the Ernest who re-opened it to the public.


We are ESPOMA organic products, 4-8 lb bags and larger 50 lb bags of HOLLY-TONE and PLANT-TONE.

All Annual Flats 18.99.

Strawberries and blueberries, easy to grow perennials, can be grown in hanging baskets or planters.

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So reach out to us, we will get through this, go out into your gardens, plant something, watch it grow and breathe !